A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Originally created for the PLAY20 Game Jam.


Crossing the border with Anna went horribly wrong. 

You are in the darkest night alone. Anna is gone. Light is rare. You need to explore your surroundings and map out the world to find and return safely with Anna. Drawing the borders of your mental map is vital to guide you through this world.


  • Light up the map. To see further, shoot bright flares to push back the dark and see what's ahead. The world is full of hazards, be careful where you step!
  • Draw on the map. No need for pen and paper, draw directly on the environment! Mark points of interest, possible paths - whatever you can make out during the precious seconds of flare light.
  • Explore. The Border region is a big place. You have to find Anna before your flares run out and you are left on your own in the dark! 
  • Conserve. Your lantern oil is limited. Adjust the flame with your mousewheel to decide  wether to see more, or for longer.
  • Reach Home safely. Once you have found Anna, you still have to find your way back home! Can you retrace your steps?
  • Adaptive Orchestral/Electronic Synthwave Soundtrack. Get immersed by a moody, synth-heavy soundtrack that adapts to the way you play.




Team Bentobox - Collective Game Design / Everything else

Bastian Clausdorff @ricecakejoe
Programming / Sound Implementation / Voice

Chris Hinz hinzart
Art Direction / Concept Art / 3D Art / Level Design

Christoph Graf kr1stov
Programming / Tech Art

Felix Barbarino xilef33 
Music / Sound Design

Jan Niklas Rösch DeHagge
Programming / Programming / Programming

Jennifer Waldhausen jennifer-waldhausen
FX Animation / Copywriting / UI Design / 2D Art

Mathilde Hoffmann MathildeMusic
Sound Design / FX Systems

Philipp Jensen Visuwyg
Art Direction / 3D Art / UI Design / Copywriting


myrkur_win_v9b.zip 250 MB
myrkur_mac_v11.zip 203 MB


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Just played the most recent build and its still a goosebumpy little game experience :) the music gets me every time